91.3 WYEP Presents: ‘Hallelujah Hell Yeah …an Album Release Show by STRING MACHINE

Ages 18 and up
Saturday, February 26
Doors: 7pm
$10 to $15

91.3 WYEP Presents: ‘Hallelujah Hell Yeah’ …an Album Release Show by STRING MACHINE

String Machine
Rave Ami
Merce Lemon

Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Thunderbird Music Hall
4053 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Doors at 7pm
Show at 8pm


The music of String Machine is rapturous and inviting. You’ll find an undeniable magic within each note, a palpable energy owed in part to its creative process. Hallelujah Hell Yeah is an album of joy, vulnerability, and forgiveness. Through this inventive indie rock, seven friends manage to transport you to the bedrooms, basements, and home studios in which this was all created, conceptualized, and recorded.

This recording is the band’s representation of what it means to be grateful that one is alive, regardless of whether that carpe diem spirit is sourced in optimism (“Hallelujah!”) or nihilism (“Hell Yeah!”). It’s a powerful statement that rings especially poignant in such uncertain times.

Rave Ami are the loudest rock ‘n roll band in Pittsburgh. The power trio of guitarist/vocalist Joe Praksti, bassist Pat O’Toole, and drummer/vocalist Evan Meindl play a room-rattling push-pit of haggard grunge, beer-stained power-pop, and fuzz-drunk indie-rock.

Self-Help “Rock Band” from Pittsburgh, PA

Merce Lemon is a songwriter born, raised, and currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. She grew up immersed in the city’s DIY scene, writing songs and playing in bands, including a punk band called Two Dragons Black and Red, until around the age of 12.

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We do NOT provide on-site testing at our venue.

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Our debut album, "Threads from the Youth Fossil," is available on Spotify, Apple Music, & Bandcamp. “String Machine is the solo project of musician David Beck, a Pittsburgh area native whose neo-folk music can be described as eclectic, philosophical, experimental, sincere, and diverse in texture and emotion. String Machine’s debut album Threads from the Youth Fossil is a mosaic of sonic textures and poetic imagery, with lyrics drenched in the visceral wisdom of lost youth. Rough-edged vocals accompany meandering melodies, which float above droning, foggy textures cut with crisp acoustic guitar. Each verse feels like a mystical incantation that is held together by hypnotic repetition, and then swiftly torn apart by jarring rhythmic and stylistic juxtaposition, reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel and Weatherbox. The orchestration ranges from stripped-down folk to layered electro-acoustic bombast, worthy of comparison to Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead: unsettling choral harmonies and vocoder doubling, shimmering guitar arpeggios, intense electronic beats and synth leads, well-placed subdued cello, and even the occasional cinematic brass treat. Threads from the Youth Fossil is difficult to classify because of its courageous eclecticism, yet it is easy to love because of its exciting sonic environments and insistence on earnest, unsettling truth.” - Karter Schachner
Guitar, bass, drums, and dreams.