Chalk Dinosaur

Ages 18 and up
Friday, June 03
Doors: 7pm

Chalk Dinosaur
with Norside Organ Trio

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

Thunderbird Music Hall
4053 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Doors @ 7pm
Show @ 8pm

Age restriction: 18+

Chalk Dinosaur is a musical entity from Pittsburgh, PA. The live show features a unique fusion of dance music, funk and psychedelic rock. It has distinctive melodic themes coupled with a heavy rhythm section, augmented with synthesizers and electronic textures. It’s high energy and emotionally diverse.

Chalk Dinosaur was founded in 2008 by John O’Hallaron and since then the recorded works and performances have been constantly evolving and mutating. Chalk Dinosaur exists today as a four piece band featuring John O’Hallaron (guitar, synths, sampler, vocals), Nick O’Hallaron (drums), Jon Henderson (guitar) and Michael Berger (bass). Fresh off the release of the 25th album/EP, Fire on the Beach, there’s no shortage of tunes to explore. If you’re looking for something that features the sound of the full band as it exists today, check out the albums Spectrum and Sprout.

Chalk Dinosaur has had the opportunity to play at some of their favorite festivals including Electric Forest, Domefest, The Werk Out, and Summerdance, serenading the unsuspecting crowd with their signature “’beetis rock” sound. Known for filling their bass drum up with Filet’o’Fish sandwiches in order to blast hot fish sandwich air out into the crowd with every beat of the drum, the band has created an appetite amongst music (and fish) lovers who have come to crave fried fish sandwiches every time they hear a Chalk Dinosaur song. The opposite is also true, whenever they smell fried fish, they are compelled to listen to Chalk Dinosaur. The band has pioneered a concert experience unlike any other, linking the senses of hearing and smell, blasting hot fish air out into the crowd and making them hungry for more. The ultimate goal of the band is to become a successful fried fish sandwich enterprise. Honestly the music is just a means to an end.

2007 - Songwriting begins. Releases: 2009 - Chalk Dinosaur 2010 - Still Here 2011 - Kitty Hawk Surf 2011 - Follow Me 2012 - Sediment 2013 - Perspective 2014 - Dawn 2014 - Passages 2015 - Unreleased 2009-2011 2015 - Fear or Love 2015 - Conscious 2016 - Flow State 2017 - Chalk Dinosaur and Friends