Friday In Love with Same, Good Sport, Sweat & Pat Coyle

Ages 21 and up
Friday, February 11
Doors: 7pm
Friday In Love with
Same, Good Sport, Sweat & Pat Coyle

Friday, February 11th, 2022

Thunderbird Music Hall
4053 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Doors @ 7pm
Show @ 8pm


It’s easy to play the influence game for Same. At times, they sound like listening to the Pixies or Pavement in a meditative trance. At other times, it feels like Weezer dripping in acid and fuzz. It’s a sound marked by rich reverb, bursts of jangly slacker-pop precision, and a keen ear for experimentation—especially on Plastic Western’s lush instrumental title track. 

Good Sport is an indie/electronic recording project by Ryan Hizer, a producer and songwriter living in Pittsburgh. Good Sport’s latest album “Boring Magic” is a “simultaneously sobering and tongue-in-cheek reckoning with age and existentialism … as danceable as [it is] suited for solitary pondering” (-Eli Enis). The live version of Good Sport is rounded out by Dane Adelman (Mento Fellini, Tyler Heaven), Zach Bronder (The Gotobeds, Bat Zuppel, Slow Bluff), Chris McCune (Bear Skull, DREME), and Evan Meindl (Rave Ami, The Sewerheads).
Sweat is a pgh-based ’60s/’70s rock band playing in the style of Blue Oyster Cult, UFO, Badfinger, Bowie and early Rush. Since 2019, the band – driven by heavy organ sounds, ruckus guitar riffs and vocal harmonies – has approached their music with a main focus on well-crafted, intentional songs.

Pat Coyle is a singer/songwriter/drummer who infuses intimate pop songs with sounds from day to day life. His background in filmmaking and general love for movies provides the bed frame for his lyrical inspiration, usually manifesting in cinematic vignettes that imbue a sense of longing and wistfulness. He just released his new album, “Relic of a Rift,” a continuation of his melancholy and emotionally cathartic songwriting with hues of futuristic dreams sprinkled throughout.

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