Hot Mulligan w/ Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Sincere Engineer & Super American

Wednesday, December 15
Doors: | 6pm // Show: | 7pm

Hot Mulligan
with Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Sincere Engineer, and Super American

at Thunderbird Music Hall
Wednesday, December 15th
Doors at 6pm
Show at 7pm

*All tickets purchased to previous dates will be honored at this show

*Must show proof of vaccination or negative PCR test within 48 hours of show, upon entry*
Hot Mulligan are just as likely to write a beautiful, devastating treatise on growing apart—both literally and spiritually, from your friends and your old self—as they are to make a song and video about putting on sunglasses (which they have done). This is the Hot Mulligan way: life is serious and scary, but you just gotta make a meme about it with your buds.
Cosmic Thrill Seekers, the new record from Albany punk rock band Prince Daddy & the Hyena, is many things. It is an odyssey of epic, The Monitor-esque proportions, a great, galloping sonic roadtrip across space and time and Albany, boomeranging around a horn of punk, pop, indie, garage rock, and orchestral, Queen-style arrangements and theatrics; it is an exploration of the fall-out after an acid trip, manic self-destruction, bottoming-out and recovering, and then slipping again; it is a candid, acute documentation of frontperson Kory Gregory’s cyclical mental health states as told through three acts and 14 songs/chapters; it is an existential presentation of eternal return theory, a victory via surrender to impermanence; and perhaps most of all, it is about Dorothy Gale and The Wizard Of Oz.

“Dorothy was the OG cosmic thrill seeker,” Gregory says. “Dorothy kind of encompasses everything I was trying to get at.”
Sincere Engineer is an emo/pop punk project fronted by Deanna Belos. Belos started out writing solo acoustic tunes before transitioning to the fast-paced, full band sound of her debut Rhombithian. Rhombithian is a humorous examination of youth, social anxiety and self-motivation (or lack thereof) jam packed with crunchy, noodly guitars and gang vocals.
Slacker pop duo Super American make upbeat, guitar-based anthems centered around co singer/songwriters Matt Cox and Pat Feely. 

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Super American came together around 2016. They toured heavily and built a fan base with early singles like “Congratulations” and “Sloppy Jazz.” Over the course of a few years and line-up changes, the group’s sound evolved, shifting away from crisp 2000s pop-punk to a more laid-back, ’90s indie and slacker pop sound influenced by band’s like Weezer and Pavement. In 2018, Super American issued their full-length debut, Tequila Sunrise, on Take This to Heart Records. Included on the album was the single “Hands Down Olivia.”