Post Animal & Ron Gallo Tour

Monday, November 15
Doors: | 7pm // Show: | 8pm
$15 to $20

Post Animal & Ron Gallo Tour
with Why Bonnie

at Thunderbird Music Hall
Monday, November 15th
Doors at 7:00pm
Show at 8:00pm

18+ or accompanied by legal guardian

Limited Balcony Tickets available:
-Upper Balcony = 3 tables of 4 / Private Bar + Private Bathroom
-Lower Balcony = 10 tables of 2 / 2 tables of 4 / Private Bar 
-General Admission = Floor Standing Room

*Must show proof of vaccination or negative PCR test within 48 hours of show, upon entry*
Post Animal is an American psychedelic rock band formed in 2014, originating from Chicago, Illinois. It consists of Dalton Allison (bass), Jake Hirshland (guitar/keyboard), Javi Reyes (guitar), Wesley Toledo (drums), Matt Williams (guitar) and Joe Keery (guitar).[1] All members share songwriting contributions and sing lead vocals on their respective compositions.
Hi, my name is Ron Gallo. My previous artist bio started like this: I straddle the fence between two mindsets: 1. The world is completely fucked. 2. The universe is inside you. I sat on that (mostly in vans) long enough to lean heavily towards #2. I sat in vans a lot this past year because at one point in time I was frustrated with humanity (but really myself) and from that came an album called “HEAVY META”. Apparently the sentiment resonated more with people in 2016 then when I wrote those songs in my apartment in Philadelphia in 3-4 years before that (probably because the current political and social climate) so suddenly that darkness turned into doing a lot of stuff I always wanted to do but never thought I would or could - like travel around with my friends, Joe Bisirri (bass) and Dylan Sevey (drums), and play shows for people with bands we love in places all over the world: Naked Giants, White Reaper, The Black Angels, Twin Peaks, Thee Oh Sees, Hurray For the Riff Raff to name a few.  “Write what you know!” They say. Okay. 2017: Being constantly on highways, in vans, on planes, on stages, in greenrooms, on guestlists, turning a person into a brand, turning a real life human moment into a song into content into an asset to be monetized, talking to people about myself and stuff I wrote 3 years ago, watching it all unfold in the public eye from a phone in a van on a highway heading to a stage.   Do all that.  Get back home for days at a time. Seek solitude. Friends and family and acquaintances followed along on Instagram. They think it looked glamorous out there “living the dream.” They ask me all about it, but I know the truth - it’s boring and unrelatable to identify as a musician rather than just a human - so I don’t have much to say about it besides “it happened” and it wasn’t what I thought it would be and it was beautiful and I am grateful but mostly this whole world of pursuing music and the music business is hilarious and none of it really matters in the grand scheme of things.” So the way I process all that is through an EP called “Really Nice Guys” which came out 1/19/18 on New West Records. On it you can find auto-tune, tantrums about algorithms, songs featuring iPhone tabla about being on a guestlist, underwhelming solos, a song called "YouTubular" and the true star of the whole thing: my moms boyfriend, Jerry, who we secretly captured candidly talking about the EP and made it the lead vocal on "Pull Quote" the EP's closing track. For more perspective on yourself - Google image: “Earth” Boom, ya gone, With love, see you soon, Ron Gallo